Who are We
Neuzilla is the studio behind Nepy. For detail, you can check http://blog.neuzilla.com/



What's Nepy
Nepy is a collection of natural language text parsers for .NET. It can identify entity/number and convert them to .NET native structures such as string, datetime, int, double.

These parsers can help narrow the gap of NLP between .NET and other languages such as Java and Python.

Nepy is going to support simplified Chinese,Japanese, Korean (CJK) and English in 1.x. In the future, more languages will be supported.

Source code
https://github.com/tonyqus/nepy (latest)
https://nepy.codeplex.com (sync from github)

支付宝捐款账号: tonyqus@163.com
Paypal: tonyqus@gmail.com

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